sorze4 AS (Norway) consider a new bean supplier

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sorze4 AS is Norway’s largest importer of industrial coffee, used in the ice coffee that holds a 90%+ market share in the RTD Coffee segment, in competition with brands like Starbucks. Nescafe, Illy, and several other international brands have tried to compete, but their poor performance is nothing but disappointing.

For their roasted bean customers, sorze4 AS used to supply coffee with the brand; Café Pelé, but the domestic rights to the brand, in Brazil, was bought by Dowe & Egberts, and the plant producing the beans was sold with the rights to use the brand. For this reason, sorze4 have been looking for a new supplier of roasted beans.

Café do Sitio seems to be the #1 candidate for sorze4, but it’s not final and decided. Café do Sitio is not very well known, but some experts claims it’s the best of what Brazil can offer when it comes to coffee beans. Being located in the coffee districts of Brazil, Varginha, Minas Gerais, the producer should have access to the best coffee available in Brazil.

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